Food and Beverage Industry Leaders on Social Media

Food and Beverage Industry Leaders on Social Media

Social media is a noisy universe. Without knowing where to focus your attention, you can end up cluttering your own feed with a bunch of unhelpful noise. Consider this list your guide. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for a new menu or a brand manager looking to connect with industry leaders, this list is for you.

Check out these 25 food and beverage industry experts on social media.

Kajal Amin

Kajal Amin is Director of Food & Beverage Administration at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Amin has close to 2,200 LinkedIn followers and tends to respond to industry players, sharing ideas and posing questions. She’s been in the hospitality game for a decade now.

Marco Arconte

Marco Arconte has more than 17,500 followers on LinkedIn, which is good signifier of his clout. In his most recent position as Director of Food & Beverage at Brynwood Golf & Country Club, just north of New York City, Arconte managed, trained and developed the growth of a team of more than 100 employees. Think of Arconte as a curator of motivational sentiments and relevant F&B news.

Holly Atkinson

Holly Atkinson has an important voice in the culinary conversation. With more than 3,000 followers on Twitter and an oft-frequented website, Atkinson has built a personal brand of authority in the F&B sector. Her many engagements include working with startups and established businesses in food distribution, advocacy and hospitality. She has a special interest in blending tech with the industry’s progress.

Don Brookshire

Don Brookshire has racked up more than 2,300 followers on LinkedIn. Though Brookshire is the Director of Food & Beverage at Omni Hotels & Resorts is based in Nashville, his taste and interests are global. Brookshire spent time at the Waldorf Astoria and Hilton groups before heading to Omni.

Paul Carter

Paul Carter is not only Director of Food and Beverage at La Quinta Resort & Club in California, but he is also a good source of F&B news in the hospitality sector. An excellent curator of ideas, Carter regularly shares newsworthy posts. He has more than 30 years of experience in the industry, having occupied roles across the major hotel chains such as Starwood, Ritz-Carlton and current Waldorf Astoria.


David Chang

David Chang has more than 240,000 followers on Twitter and 729,000 on Instagram. He is the brain behind the popular food blog and delivery service AndoFood. Posting images that make any sated mouth water, Chang feeds his ample audience with the dishes available through his delivery service, as well as other tasty treats around Manhattan.

Grace Chow

Based in Los Angeles, Grace Chow is Corporate Director of Food & Beverage at Proper Hospitality. With more than 4,000 LinkedIn followers, Chow is firmly established as an authoritative voice in the industry. Chow’s experience is varied, including stints as an operations manager, a corporate trainer, and an executive director of restaurant openings and F&B openings.

Wayne Curtis

Designated drinker Wayne Curtis writes about drinks as Hemingway wrote about hunting — with deep appreciation. He’s the author of And a Bottle of Rum: A History of the New World in 10 Cocktails, a former drinks writer at The Atlantic, and currently the contributing editor at Imbibe. Curtis is a man steeped deep in boozy knowledge. He even leads spirits-oriented tours, presentations and workshops.

TJ Davis

TJ Davis has more than 1,400 followers on LinkedIn. She shares and posts a lot about kindness in between snaps of days on the job with colleagues. The Director of Food & Beverage at Embassy Suites by Hilton Denver Southeast spends most of her time on the food side of things with plenty of experience in the kitchen.

David Garcelon

David Garcelon is active on LinkedIn, posting interesting links to articles about the F&B industry, as well as news of recent big appointments. Not only is Garcelon an active player on social media, with more than 3,500 followers, but he also has more than two decades of experience under his belt. Having worked as a chef for 15 years, Garcelon snapped up a Master’s in Food Service Management from Cornell University and is now Executive Director of Food & Beverage at Fairmont Austin.

Mark Gilbert

Mark Gilbert is Director Of Food and Beverage the Flamingo and LINQ resorts in Las Vegas. He has more than 2,300 LinkedIn followers and is quite an active poster. You will find industry news as well as some motivational quotes, like this one from the first democratically elected president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela: “There is no passion to be found playing small, in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

James J. Greco

James J. Greco is a CEO, consultant and director in the hospitality industry. With a long history in the trade, Greco helps brands and companies develop big-picture strategies. Currently in Florida after having spent 15 years as a C-suite executive for some well-known hospitality groups, Greco’s seen a fair share of the country’s culinary culture.


Chris Lohring

Chris Lohring is the the founder of Notch Brewing, which has helped bring session beers to the US marketplace. Connecting with established breweries in New England, Lohring has made crisp pilsners and hearty ales his calling card. He’s worth a follow to catch a glimpse of the frontiers of American beer culture.

J. Kenji López-Alt

Kenji López-Alt is Managing Culinary Director of Serious Eats. He has more than 15,000 followers on Twitter and 67,000 on Instagram. The man is a social media juggernaut who has a lot of say as to what’s hot or not in food & beverages. After all, he is also the author of the James Beard Award–nominated column The Food Lab.

Halil Nalci

Assistant Director of Food and Beverage at Waldorf Astoria Palm Springs, California, Halil Nalci is a big sharer and liker on social media. His LinkedIn account offers a good variety of industry news and positive stories from other sectors. Fully embedded in the F&B sector for more than a decade, Nalci earned his credentials at the Beverly Hilton and Starwood Hotels & Resorts.

Garrett Oliver

Garrett Oliver is the brewmaster at Brooklyn Brewery and has close to 17,000 followers on Twitter. He is editor-in-chief of The Oxford Companion to Beer, author of The Brewmaster’s Table and winner of the 2014 James Beard Award for Excellent Wine, Beer or Spirits Professional. In short, Oliver understands beer and what makes that market tick.

Edward Parker

Edward Parker is Director of Food and Beverage at Omni Houston Galleria. With previous positions with the Hyatt Group, Parker is deeply embedded within the hospitality sector. His LinkedIn feed is full of mouthwatering snaps and recipes with a peppering of industry news.  

John B. Paterson IV

John B. Paterson IV is Wine Director at Frankies Spuntino Group. Tasked with pairing honest wines at varied price points with unique wine cultures for each restaurant, Paterson is entwined in the vines, as it were. Paterson has a penchant for Old World wines and an eye for photography, posting enticing wine and food images to his 2,500-plus Instagram followers.

Michael Politz

Michael Politz wears a whole bunch of hats. We’re talking metaphorically here, but the publisher at Food & Beverage Magazine also has run an eponymous consulting firm for over 20 years, providing sound advice to F&B brands. Entrepreneur Magazine included Politz on its Top 40 executives under 40 list. Politz boasts a long history and proven record in building brands and branded concepts such as celebrity bars and casino projects. Politz is an industry heavyweight worth knowing.


Shawn Ritchie

Shawn Ritchie has more than two decades of experience in the F&B industry. He has worked at various casinos and restaurants. Most recently, he has plied his expertise as an F&B consultant focusing on concept, design, expansion, revenue building and customer service.

Gail Simmons

Gail Simmons commands a huge online audience. With 109,000 followers on Instagram, Simmons snaps her insight into the industry. Simmons lays claim to a number of accolades such as being a judge on Top Chef, a published author, and special projects director of Food & Wine magazine. Simmons carries clout on social media platforms and the industry as a whole. Keep an eye on her for tips and trends.

Thomas Trevethan

Thomas Trevethan is active on Twitter and LinkedIn, imparting his own insights and sharing those of others. As Director of Food and Beverage at Shaw Conference Centre in Canada, Trevethan forecasts revenues and expenses for the 150,000 square feet of flexible and creative space. He shares valuable knowledge of ways to boost sales and drive up profits.

David Trotter

David Trotter has been in F&B for close to 30 years. Preferring the sunny climes of Florida, Trotter has plied his knowledge and expertise in managerial positions and operational roles, as well as directing F&B departments. With stints at the Hilton and Hyatt and eateries in between, Trotter has a well-rounded background in hospitality. Currently working on fresh concepts to keep the guests at four-star Mission Inn Resort & Club wined and dined, Trotter has a wealth of experience to tap into.

Amit Verma

With more than 2,000 followers on LinkedIn, Amit Verma, Director of Food and Beverage at Grand Hyatt Washington, DC, is a name worth following. Verma is an active sharer of useful content (with the occasional post of his own). He has had a long history at Hyatt, first joining the team in Chicago in 2001 as Assistant F&B Manager. Nice to see him at the top.

Jeffrey Yedlin

Jeffrey Yedlin is Director of Food & Beverage of Hilton Worldwide, and he gets to live in Hawaii. Even with over 6,000 followers, Yedlin is not a prolific poster, which means he won’t waste your time with trivialities. Expect only useful information from him. With a Ph.D. in hotel administration and close to 20 years of experience, Yedlin knows what he’s talking about.

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