DC Delis: The Best, Most Authentic Delis in the Capital

DC Delis: The Best, Most Authentic Delis in the Capital

Whether you’re looking for a fresh, flavorful turkey club or a piping hot meatball sub, there’s something for everyone at Washington D.C.’s delicious delis. And thanks to the city’s rich history and commitment to preservation of historic buildings, many of the area’s original delis are still standing today.

To find the best meats, melts and scratch-made sides in our nation’s capital, read on for our top deli picks.

Stachowski’s Market

Stachowski’s Market is a go-to Washington deli for essential sandwiches and sides. They offer a range of main dishes and meat cuts, plus sausages made in-house daily. Patrons can also find charcuterie, along with specialties like venison pate, pate de campagne, mortadella and duck prosciutto. Sandwiches are made from pastrami, turkey, roast beef and are listed on their daily board. Another perk about Stachowski’s is that they publish their daily dinner specials online.

Beef N’ Bread

Beef N’ Bread is a popular deli that prides itself on serving up slowly-roasted, all-natural meats. The fast casual restaurant offers breakfast sandwiches topped with eggs, cheese and meats on multiple bread varieties. For lunch, diners can chose from a number of sandwiches categorized by meat type. This ensures that there are options for everyone, whether you’re looking for roast beef, chicken, tuna or roasted turkey. Beef N’ Bread also has delicious milkshakes for sale, and you can choose from flavors like blueberry, mint chocolate, banana pudding and peanut butter.

Wagshal’s Delicatessen

Having opened its doors in 1925, Wagshal’s Delicatessen knows a thing or two about sandwiches and prepared foods. Like many delis, Wagshal’s allows customers to choose from a list of specialty sandwiches, or make their own. Their specialty sandwich list is nothing short of impressive, with high-quality versions of everyday classics. Beyond a variety of cold subs and hot sandwiches, Wagshal’s also features freshly made salads and a daily soup special that includes chicken matzo ball and chicken tortilla soup.

Bub and Pop’s

Bub and Pop’s is so delicious that it’s attracted celebrities like Guy Fieri – who ran a special on the deli in his show Diners, Dives and Drive-ins. To learn what makes Bub and Pop’s so great, you might start by taking a look at their menu. They’ve got a host of premium hoagies and sandwiches on deck, including favorites like cheesesteaks and chicken parmesan. Their sandwiches are topped with garden fresh ingredients, such as roma tomatoes, eggplant, arugula and onion. Plus, they’ve got chips, pickles, salads and homemade soups to top it all off.

A. Litteri

When you’re looking for a delicious, no-frills deli, A. Litteri doesn’t disappoint. This deli and restaurant has been in business since 1926, dishing out fresh made subs and salads to the neighborhood for decades. A. Litteri is known for its homemade Italian sausage, but they offer all the essentials at their deli counter. Here, you can make your own sandwich from meats and cheeses like pastrami, mortadella, Genoa salami, havarti, gouda and fresh mozzarella. And you can always opt for a hot sandwich option too, like a meatball sub.

Red Apron Butcher

Red Apron Butcher is a collaboration between regional farmers who are committed to raising all-natural meats. The meat cuts at Red Apron are free from hormones and antibiotics, and all beef, pork, lamb and poultry is humanely and sustainably raised. Red Apron Butcher is also the first American butcher shop to source 100 percent of its pork from Animal Welfare Approved farms. The list of available meats here is vast, and they clearly don’t sacrifice quality for quantity.


Chutzpah Deli

This deli and catering company is inspired by authentic New York City traditions. Chutzpah Deli has a wide variety of breakfast specialties, including egg sandwiches, egg platters, corned beef hash and steak and eggs. For lunch and dinner, you can find cheesesteaks, grilled meats and a variety of salad sandwiches. They also specialize in reuben sandwiches and have been known to serve stuffed sandwiches – three pieces of bread, two pieces of meat and one type of cheese along with cole slaw and Russian dressing.

White Apron Specialty Sandwiches

When you’re in need of a straightforward, reliable sandwich, White Apron Specialty Sandwiches gets the job done. This deli features twenty sandwiches on its daily menu, with additional options varying by time and season. Since they don’t have breakfast items or sides, they focus on crafting their sandwiches with the utmost precision. All of their bread is baked fresh in house, and they whip up all of their sauces and spreads from scratch.

Sun de Vitch

Sun de Vitch is an independent sandwich shop that uses French-style baguettes from a local bakery, along with fresh, small batch meats. This locally-owned establishment has its own rooftop garden above the shop, where they grow veggies and other ingredients used in their recipes, while taking pride in their globally-inspired menu. Each sandwich is named after an international city, paying homage to the unique flavors and ingredients available in that place.

Prego Deli

Prego Deli is a gourmet delicatessen and carry-out establishment. Their menu features cold cuts, clubs and salad sandwiches like shrimp, chicken, egg and tuna. Their specialty meat selection spans items like pastrami, corned beef, Capicola and Virginia baked ham. One way Prego differs from other delis is that they offer grilled paninis, which include veggies, sauces and smoked meats. You can also find homemade soups and salads here, plus fun specials like spaghetti on Wednesdays.

roast beef

DGS Delicatessen

DGS Delicatessen puts an upscale, modern twist on old world deli specialties. At DGS, you’ll find house cured pastrami, applewood smoked salmon, chicken schnitzel, smoked whitefish salad and corned beef carnitas, among many other delicacies. Their all-day menu also includes breakfast items such as salmon-topped bagels, pastrami hash and poached eggs. As for sides, DGS doesn’t stop short. Their impressive side menu includes pickles, latkes, chopped liver, reuben egg rolls and crispy falafel.

Glen’s Garden Market

If you’ve ever visited Glen’s Garden Market, you know why it’s so special. Perhaps it’s due to the hot sandwiches, like the BBQ pork, pastrami, chicken salad and pork loin served on steamy, cheesy bread. Or maybe it’s the cold sandwich options that strike your fancy: chicken caesar on pita, Koch Farms roast turkey and swiss or smoked ham with rosemary and black pepper butter. It could be because the deli always features fresh salads, chicken dinners and meat entrees.

G by Mike Isabella

G by Mike Isabella is a fast casual deli in the daytime and an upscale eatery in the evenings. Therefore, it’s no surprise that this deli has a classy and elegant vibe even during the day. Don’t let this ambiance fool you, though: G by Mike Isabella’s daytime food is nothing to joke about. Find fresh, healthy sandwiches topped with delicacies like baby goat, pancetta and chili braised pork. You can also find ingredients like duck eggs, breakfast sausage and taylor ham when you visit at breakfast.


Jetties was inspired by the food and culture of Nantucket Beach, and its experience is designed to reflect exactly that. All of the menu options at Jetties feature fresh ingredients, seasonal produce and recipes inspired by the coast. Even the names of Jetties’ sandwiches pay homage to Nantucket, with seasonal specials like Tuckerneck, Brant Point and Long Pond. This deli also prides itself on its hand-carved turkey breast as well as gourmet items like havarti cheese and bacon.

Wall Street Deli

Wall Street Deli offers all the classic deli creations you know and love, including a reuben, a black angus burger and sandwiches with salami and ham. However, their Manhattan melts and street wraps are really what helped them forge a new path in the world of D.C. delis. Their melts showcase premium roast and smoked deli meats alongside melted pepper jack and provolone cheese. For their street wraps, hungry customers can select from Thai chicken, chicken club or other creations on flour, spinach or tomato basil tortillas.

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